Montessori is a philosophy and method of education devised by Italian doctor and educator Dr Maria Montessori more than a century ago. Today, Montessori is the single largest educational philosophy in the world with 22,000 Montessori schools in more than 100 countries.

Based on Maria Montessori’s observations and work with children, Montessori education aims to work in harmony with a child’s natural curiosity, encouraging them to follow their interests, and develop a love of learning.

The Montessori primary curriculum is thorough and comprehensive and develops a child’s natural desire to discover as much as possible of their universe. The teacher remains the facilitator, guiding and challenging the child, supporting them with their choice of work, developing their ability to plan their day of work, and helping them to evaluate their learning. It utilises the child’s focus and concentration skills to delve into diverse subjects in great depth, and caters for their blossoming imagination so the child is continually inspired.

The environment of respect, warmth, peace and calm fosters a strong, independent and confident child who is self-motivated, self-disciplined and responsible for their own learning. Montessori @ Berhampore allows children to follow the Montessori philosophy while benefiting from the facilities and rich culture of the wider state-funded Berhampore School.

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